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Peptide API

Peptide APIdru
Peptide API
Hybio Pharmaceutical has been at the forefront of peptide research, development, and production in China for over two decades. We take pride in offering an extensive range of high-quality peptide-based APIs globally. Our dedication to excellence, driven by advanced technology and rigorous quality standards, establishes us as a trusted partner within the pharmaceutical industry. Our APIs are integral to a multitude of medical solutions, aiding healthcare providers and enhancing patient outcomes worldwide.

PEPTIDE API Product List

No. Product Application
1 Atosiban Reproductive
2 Carbetocin Reproductive
3 Desmopressin Urology
4 Eptifibatide Cardiology
5 Ganirelix Reproductive
6 Glatiramer Neurology
7 Terlipressin Gastroenterology
8 Octreotide Endocrinology
9 Oxytocin Reproductive
10 Liraglutide Diabetes Mellitus
11 Leuprorelin Oncology
12 Cetrorelix Reproductive
13 Semaglutide Diabetes Mellitus
14 Linaclotide Gastroenterology
15 Nesiritide Cardiology
16 Bivalirudin Cardiology
17 Teriparatide Endocrinology
18 Somatostatin Endocrinology
19 Abaloparatide Endocrinology
20 Calcitonin (salmon) Endocrinology
21 Degarelix Oncology
22 Thymalfasin Immunology  
 23          Etelcalcetide        Endocrinology
24 Exenatide Diabetes Mellitus
25 Glucagon Endocrinology
26 Plecanatide Gastroenterology
27 Protirelin Endocrinology
28 Tirzepatide Diabetes Mellitus
29 Ziconotide Pain Management